Are You Tired of Looking at Your Messy Garage?

Garage makeover

If your garage looks similar to the photo at the left, you know you’re not getting as much as you could from your Davie real estate! Besides that, no one likes to open the garage door after a long day at work to a messy garage. If you haven’t looked into garage makeover alternatives lately, you may be surprised to learn that you can make your garage a place you’re glad to park or play in. Makeover No 1: The Walls and Floor With any luck, the walls of your garage were finished with drywall. If not, that’s the place… Read More

How to Perk Up a Stale Kitchen in Davie Florida

Kitchen Design

If you live in Davie, you’ll see a wide range of kitchen designs. Some are all about coastal or Florida design, while others could be kitchens located anywhere. If your kitchen is feeling a bit stale, customize it in a way that puts your personal stamp on it. Look for ways to use textures, patterns, materials and unique colors. Colors Many cooks prefer to have neutral walls and clean lines in their kitchens. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an accent wall with a splash of color. The 2018 color of the year is purple. If you’re brave, you… Read More

It’s Spring. Tips for Updating Your Home in Davie Florida!

It’s spring, and many people are starting to think about refreshing their home décor. If you’re in that group, here are some tips for regarding design trends you might want to incorporate into your home. Some trends are going to be “out” very quickly, but these trends will have more staying power. More Color on the Walls Lots of people like neutral walls, and those colors are best if you’re thinking of selling in the near future. But, if you just want a change of pace, you’ll see much more color on the walls this year, especially in rooms with… Read More